Halloweensie: Behind You!

Here’s my 2014 entry into Susanna Leonard Hill’s annual Halloweensie contest.

The entries must be 100 words or less and contain the words pumpkin, broomstick and creak (some version of creak). Rules can be found here, if you are interested.


Behind You!

By Stacy S. Jensen

Milo scratched under his pumpkin costume.

An itchy breath tickled his neck.

The step creaked at his neighbor’s door.

“Trick or Treat!” he yelled, but the neighbor stuttered, “B-behind you!”

Milo saw a monster-sized Tag.

The monster chased him as he ran home.

Milo wiggled out of his costume.

He hit the monster with a broomstick.

He tried to rip the monster off with his teeth.

His bare hands couldn’t tame the monster.

Nothing worked, until Milo found his special weapon — blue scissors.

With one snip, the monster Tag vanished.

Word tells me this is 90 words without the title.

Please visit Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog, because there will be dozens if not hundreds of fun and scary short stories for Halloween.

I write {picture books and memoir}. I design {websites}. I eat {chocolate}.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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66 thoughts on “Halloweensie: Behind You!

  1. My kids wanted all the tags clipped out as soon as we got home. No itchy necks but it made it hard to figure out hand-me-down sizes!

  2. Stacy…that is so clever and fun! And true…especially the tags that are sewn in the back of the neck…owie!…why do they put them there. And when I try to cut them, I wind up cutting the fabric and making a hole in the shirt.
    But I digress…great story and great ending!

  3. Such an original story. It’s relatable. I mean, who hasn’t been chased by a Tag Monster at some point in their life. And this was funny too. Can’t you just see the illustrations for this? So glad I stopped by to read your story.

  4. Hahaha, Stacy! What fun! And how kid-true! I’ve got one of those boys who couldn’t stand tags, or wool, or pants that were too rough or too tight in the waist – all those sensory details that can be so bothersome 🙂 How clever to turn it into a Halloween monster 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the fun all the way from Disney 🙂

    • Thanks Susanna for the inspiration to write. I must say I had a time working creak into a story…. not sure why, but my brain wanted to resist it. I’m loving all the stories I’ve read. I was able to read a few while in Disney, but the number of entries has gotten away from me.

  5. That’s it! Scissors. I was told that I get a ‘bigger hammer’ when things don’t work… Took me a day to realize it was funny (and true). Thank you and sounds like you are having fun in Disney 🙂