PPBF: Zoo Ah-choooo*

Here’s my choice for Perfect Picture Book Friday:


Zoo Ah-choooo

Written by Peter Mandel

Illustrated by Elwood Smith

Holiday House, 2012


Suitable for ages: 2 and up

Themes/Topics: colds, zoo, ripple effects

Opening line: It was a sleepy Sunday at the City Zoo. The Hippos were slow. Low and slow.

Synopsis from Amazon.com: Watch out! A giant ZOO AH-CHOOOO is headed your way! Funny sound effects and wacky illustrations make this a laugh-out-loud favorite.

Snow Leopard started it: Ah-choooo! Elephant passed it along: RRRrrr-eee-ahh-PHOOOO! Now twelve Seals are spreading it: Ka-Frrrooo OOOOOOOOMMMMM! A geyser bursts, a mud volcano erupts, and chaos reigns! The zookeeper tries his best to minimize the mayhem, but he can’t keep up! Finally, he calls in the animal doctor. At last all is again quiet at the zoo until…was that a YAAAAWN?

Links to Resources: This 52-page guide is from SaniHands teaches the importance of hand hygienic and infection prevention. Kindergarten Hand Washing Lesson.

Why I like this book: We picked this up during one of our library visits while traveling. I didn’t like it during our first reading. Just like the day at the zoo begins slow, so does this book. After several readings, it grew on me. The animals’ sneezing sounds add to the fun of reading this book out loud. It also added a few tongue twists for me. The illustrations are fun and children can see something new each time they look at the book.

Find more Perfect Picture Books on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog. Hope you have a great weekend.

*Sneezes are contagious. I began sneezing as I wrote this post. Zoo Ah-chooo!

(Updated the hand washing link on July 21, 2014.)

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33 thoughts on “PPBF: Zoo Ah-choooo*

  1. How ironic. . .I’m reading your post on a day that I am coming down with a cold. Yesterday we hosted a friend who had a cold, too, and mentioned he was being diligent to wash his hands. Such an important topic to discuss with children. How clever to do it with animals. Thanks for this Stacy!

  2. Hello, Kleenex ad… Is that time of the year again. Very good way to get kids to think about hygiene. I am with Mike Allegra, the elephant sneezing is kinda moist. I relate.:)

  3. I am fascinated with ripple effects. This one looks right up my alley — I love to clean up snotty faces! And is sounds like it’s a great read aloud! I’ll have to check it out! Thanks!

  4. Interesting. I was surprised to see it wasn’t about a yawn, but it looks like it ends with a yawn. I’ll have to check this one out.

  5. Great pick, Stacy! Looks like a fun zoo book…love the AAAACHOOOO!
    I can’t wait to take Jeremy to the zoo…five is a great age for that…and I totally enjoy zoos. Hopefully we will get to go before it turns really cold…but there have been so many other events going on…fall in New England is a busy time.:)

  6. We have changed our Handwashing website, and have moved “things” around. I found our link to our Handwashing Resources on your site, and I wanted to let you know about the new look and updated link. The current link you have is “Kindergarten Hand Washing Lesson,” but this link no longer exists. The current link is http://www.hcphes.org/PROJ/HandwashingCurriculum/HandwashingLessonPlan-Kindergarten.pdf. Our New site also has a wealth of information …. You will find the link you need for the Kindergarten Handwashing Lesson and many more resources that we were able to find. http://www.hcphes.org/PROJ/HANDWASHING/index.htm
    Sandra Ward
    Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services