PPBF: The Race

Here’s my selection for Perfect Picture Book Friday:

The Race

The Race

Author/Illustrator Édouard Manceau, 2012

Owlkids Books, Inc. , 2014

Translation by Sarah Quinn, 2014

Published in France under the title La course in 2012 by Editions Milan


Suitable for ages: 3-7

Theme/Topic: Running, Race, Sportsmanship, Winning

Opening Spread: It begins with a guy, a can of paint, and a paintbrush.

Brief Synopsis: (from jacket flap) Six guys gather for a lively race that begins at one line and ends at another. But what happens in between? All bets are off!

Follow this hapless herd of caribou in a race to the finish. Who wins? You decide.

Resources: A Physical Education Lesson on Running. Lesson on sportsmanship.

Why I Like This Book: I added Windblown by Édouard Manceau to the list last year. I love his paper collage work and his characters. If you are looking for a book about a clean race, well, this is not your book. This book is an example of what sportsmanship is NOT rather than what it is. Of course, we laughed at the “infamous banana-peek trick.”  One of my favorite spreads has this line: “Quitting is not an option! Once they’re patched up, the banana-peel survivors hit the ground running.” The question from the flap: Who wins? Is a very good question.

The text is sparse, but the book is longer than standard picture books at 64 pages.

I thought I added a note last week, but wanted to mention I’ve really, really enjoyed the PPBF selections in recent weeks. I appreciate the recommendations for our family and as a writer. Thank you.

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18 thoughts on “PPBF: The Race

  1. This looks like a lot of fun. Do you really get to decide who wins? That’s a new take on a race story! The artwork looks wonderful!

    I love PPBFs, they’re wonderful. I’ve learned about so many great books. Thank you for recommending The Race. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    Happy Friday!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE those two caribou on the front cover. One can learn a lot from ‘how not to’ books. i DO agree that the choice of PPBF has been terrific the past few weeks.

  3. Oh, Stacy – those guys on the front cover? Be still my heart!!! So incredibly darling! And the story sounds like WAY too much fun. Requesting this one from my local library for sure. Thanks!

  4. This book looks like so much fun, Stacy! It reminds me of those old cartoons with Penelope Pitstop and Yankee Doodle Pigeon 🙂 I bet a lot of kids would get a kick out of it! Thanks so much for adding it to our list, and I’m so glad you’ve been getting good recommendations lately – so many great books!