PPBF: Tea With Grandpa

Here’s my selection for Perfect Picture Book Friday:


Tea With Grandpa

Author/Illustrator Barney Saltzberg

A Neal Porter Book Roaring Brook Press, 2014


Suitable for: 3-7

Theme/Topic: Grandparents, Tea, Distant Relationship

Opening Spreads: Every day at half past three . . .

Me and Grandpa. Time for tea.

Brief Synopsis: (From jacket flap) Spending time with Grandpa is always fun. When it’s time to say good-bye, we know it’s not for long because we’re never too far apart to have a cup of tea together.

Resources: Have a tea party in person or via the Internet. With parents help, connect with a grandparent or another relative via Skype or FaceTime. Find an activity you can do with a grandparent (or another relative) via the computer.

Why I Like This Book: The ending surprised and delighted me. Since we live away from family, we are always looking for ways to connect. This story in a very simple way shares the connection between a granddaughter and grandfather through that distance.

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I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day. We have a fun opportunity this weekend to see family from Idaho and Washington! There are in Colorado for a hockey tournament. So we get to visit with them and watch a hockey game or two.

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31 thoughts on “PPBF: Tea With Grandpa

    • It’s interesting Teresa how fortunate we are today with options like Skype and FaceTime and even email communication. I remember when i grew up there were phone calls every several weeks and maybe letter. Today, I was able to call my parents so Enzo could ask permission to eat some chocolate. It was a little thing, but so easy with the technology we have today. Made grandparents happy. And, when Grandpa said YES, it made Enzo happy. 🙂

  1. This is an intriguing “visit with grandparent book.” What a great way to talk with kids about their relationship with their grandparents. Today, people live in other cities, so many kids don’t have this close relationship. It was different when I was a child when I had three sets of grandparents living in the same town — each a very different relationship. And, I had a different relationship with each. Great choice to share.

    • Heather I hope you can find it. I tried to find a title that we read recently that involved a robot tea party. I’m drawing a blank and only sorted through 10 of the 76 pages of search results at my library. 🙂

  2. Never thought of tea with Grandpa via Skype. But makes total sense in our connected days. It’s sweet. Being a child of youngest children on both sides of my family, I never had tea with Grandpa. Definitely do it when you can <3

    • I had Chicken Pox when my grandparents visited from out of state. And remember spending more time with them. 🙂 Yes. Time with grandparents is priceless and best to get in all the time you can.

  3. Oh how sweet this is. It reminds me of my time with a Step Grandfather whom I loved. I remember those sweet times. What a wonderful idea of having tea via internet with your grandparents. Perfect book Stacy. BTW loved your cute Hello video. 🙂

  4. Seeing that my grands jus theft for MI and we are still in AZ, this hosts me. Gonna have to find. Plus, Roaring Brook is a fine publisher. too. TY for sharing and Happy Valentine’s Day, Stacy and family.

  5. This looks like my cup of tea!! My Mom Person SKYPES with our little princesses and they read bedtime stories to each other. Isn’t technology a wondrous thing?! I’ll be checking this book out for sure! Thanks Ms Jensen!!!